Location: Szarvas, Tiszaalpár

It is hard to highlight just some of the pictures from this wedding. Edit and Ádám are huge Marvel fans, so we did some fun also!

See their story through my pictures:


Location: Szob

Unhappily the weather was not so nice on their big day, but they were still happy.

Some of the best bits of their story:

Sajni&Mitesh’s sunrise proposal

This time Mitesh from the United Kingdom contacted me back in October, that he would like to propose to his girlfriend here in Budapest. He planned their visit in December and wanted every detail to be perfect. We were discussing about puting candles on the viewtower but at the end he choose to put some fairy lights on the top of the tower.

So I bought some battery powered fairy lights in advance and asked my friend to help putting it up to the tower at dawn. 

On the Big day I went to pick up Mitesh and his girlfirend, Sajni. She tought that we are going on a Sunrise photography experience, which I am doing on Airbnb, so she was not expecting anything more than seeing the sunrise.

The walk up to the tower was difficult, because the paths were icy and muddy, but we arrived to the tower just in time.

First we went up to the top and we made some pictures. Then as we discussed with Mitesh earlier, I came down and started up my drone.

After the drone got up to the air we were waiting for the sun to rise. Unfortunately there was a cloud just in front of the waking sun, but the lights were still awesome.

At one point Mitesh gave me the thumbs up, turned on the fairly lights and kneeled. It was a wonderful moment.

Sajni was suprised and looked overjoyed.

After the propsal we did some pictures in the tower and head back to the hotel.

The rest of the day was full of sunshine and Mitesh told me that they had a great time here in Budapest.

I am very happy that we could help Mitesh in this and I wish them a very happy life together.

Dóri & Bence

Location: Veszprém, Hungary

Autumn weddings can be wonderful. We had several showers and also there was sunshine too. The lights turned out to be special this day.

See Dóri&Bence’s story through my pictures:

Kristy & Rian

Location: Czech Republic, Krnov, Brantice

Another multicultural wedding. This time I was invited to the Czech Republic where a Dutch-Checz wedding took place.

See their story through my pictures:

Car fire in Lakitelek

Thursday morning I was heading to work, when I decided to capture the  foggy sunrise. The colors of the sky and the fields were beautiful. So I pulled over and flew my drone. I started to make some nice images of the sunrise when I noticed something in the image…

On the live feed broadcasted from the drone I saw that a car was on fire. As I am a volunteer firefighter I checked if I could help at the scene, but it seemed that the car was burning so heavily that my small extinguisher wasn’t enough, so I decided to capture this event. The local volunteer firefighters from Lakitelek and the professional ones from Tiszakécske attended the scene and put out the fire quickly.

Csütörtök reggel munkába igyekeztem, amikor úgy döntöttem, hogy megörökítem a ködös napfelkeltét. Az égen a színek és a mezők csodásak voltak. Szóval félreálltam és felszálltam a drónommal. Elkezdem gyönyörű képeket készíteni, amikor valamit észrevettem a kép sarkában…

A drón élő képén egy égő autót láttam. Mivel önkéntes tűzoltó vagyok felmértem a helyzetet, hogy tudok-e segíteni az autósnak, de már olymértékben égett a jármű, hogy a tűzoltókészülékemmel nem tudtam volna eloltani azt, ezért úgy döntöttem, hogy megörökítem az eseményt. A helyszínre a lakiteleki önkéntes tűzoltók és a tiszakécseki önkormányzati tűzoltók vonultak ki, akik hamar eloltották a lángokat.

Sunrise proposal Adele&Ondrej

It happened again. I was part of an amazing moment! Ondrej asked the big question right after the sun rose above the rooftops of Budapest.

It all started two weeks ago, when I got a message from Ondrej. He and his girlfirend were coming to Budapest from the Czech Republic for the 4th time and he was planning a proposal. He saw my previous pictures and he also wanted something special for their big moment.

The biggest question was that if we should go to the viewtower in the hills of Buda or go to the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Castle hill. At the end he choose the Bastion.

A few days ago he started to get a bit nervous and wanted to know all the small details about the morning. During out discussions I assured him, that everything will go well.

On the morning of the Big day, I went to pick them up at the hotel and we went directly to the Castle hill.

I could see that Ondrej was a bit nevous, but we did as we planned. I looked for an empty area, so he could ask his big question imperturbably.

So just after the sunrise I asked them to look into the camera, so I can take a picture of them.  This was the sign that we agreed earlier. He kneeled and asked the big question.

I am very happy that I was part of their big moment and I could help from the background. :)

Martina & Remy

Location: Slovakia, High Tatras, Stary Smokovec, Grand Hotel Stary Smokovec

It was amazing to be part of a Slovakian-Bolivian wedding. The two cultures met in harmony and the couple was fantastic. 

See their story through my pictures:

Anna & Bence

Location: Budapest 3rd District, Hármashatár-hegy, Hangár

A lovely wedding from Óbuda and a very scenic location on the top of the Hármashatár-hegy. 

See their story through my pictures:

The story behind the propsal

The whole story started in April. Martin wrote me an e-mail and told me that he wants to have a magical proposal. I agreed to help him, because these kind of special challenges excites me. We agreed on the date soon, but we still had to organize a lot of stuff.

Of course Mani, her girlfriend didn’t know anything. She was only preparing for a Sunrise photography Experience.

So Martin had some extra wishes. Among others he wanted us to get a bouquet of 99 red roses up to the tower, which is in the middle of the forest. 

As we got closer to the date, I got more and more nervous. It wasn’t easy to organise every detail. I had to get the flowers, the helium for the balloons, the cheese for the cheesplate, the champagne. 

And the biggest question was, that how will we manage to carry the huge bouquet up the hill.

So on the day of the event, we woke up very early. It was still dark outside. Two of my friends went to the parking lot, which is at the way to the tower and pumped up the balloons. They had to walk up to the tower before we arrive, that Mani won’t see the suprises.

I went to the hotel to pick up the couple and we also drive to the parking lot, and then walked up to the tower.

At sunrise I flew up with my drone and -as we discussed earlier with Martin- my two assistants went up to the tower and gave the bouquet and the balloons to Mani.

At this point Martin kneeled and asked the big question. 

After the champage and cheese we went to the Castle hill and made some nice engagement photos.

It was a honour that Martin asked us to help him with his big moment. We did our best and I think we did it well! It was an awesome morning!

Christmas at the fire station

My friends from the fire station texted me last night, that I should go and check the station, and also bring my camera with me.

When I got closer I saw some something shining in the distance. This was it:

They created this awsome street art just for the public. The old fire truck is decorated with hundreds of LEDs and there are also lights on the wall and around the truck.

The installation is open to the public and can be seen at the fire station on Budakeszi út.

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