Sunrise proposal Adele&Ondrej

It happened again. I was part of an amazing moment! Ondrej asked the big question right after the sun rose above the rooftops of Budapest.

It all started two weeks ago, when I got a message from Ondrej. He and his girlfirend were coming to Budapest from the Czech Republic for the 4th time and he was planning a proposal. He saw my previous pictures and he also wanted something special for their big moment.

The biggest question was that if we should go to the viewtower in the hills of Buda or go to the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Castle hill. At the end he choose the Bastion.

A few days ago he started to get a bit nervous and wanted to know all the small details about the morning. During out discussions I assured him, that everything will go well.

On the morning of the Big day, I went to pick them up at the hotel and we went directly to the Castle hill.

I could see that Ondrej was a bit nevous, but we did as we planned. I looked for an empty area, so he could ask his big question imperturbably.

So just after the sunrise I asked them to look into the camera, so I can take a picture of them.  This was the sign that we agreed earlier. He kneeled and asked the big question.

I am very happy that I was part of their big moment and I could help from the background. :)

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