I am Marton.  A photography professional from Hungary.

I am interested in visual arts since my childhood. I remember that how happy I was when I got my first camera when I was a kid.

I started to do videos 10 years ago in highschool. In the first few years I got orders from my acquaintanceship. I was shooting on family and school event, galas. During the years I upgraded my quipments and now I am working with professional pieces.

Meanwhile I educated myself in this field and also completed the mandatory photographer course. 

My goal is to capture the moment as it is. I always try to do my best and the precise work, sharp pictures, vibrant colors are essential in my photography. I also like to find the symmetries but sometimes the irregular shapes and forms are the best.

My favorite topics are events and portraits. Also I like to go to some remote and exciting places. I have some trips collected in hungarian here.

I am also Master of Science in Civil Engineering. In my free time I am the deputy chief in the local volunteer fire department.

I am also hosting an Airbnb Experience in Budapest. If you are interested to see our capital in a very unique way and want to learn how to capture the special lights at sunrise check it out now!

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Márton András

+36 30 483 8542

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