The story behind the propsal

The whole story started in April. Martin wrote me an e-mail and told me that he wants to have a magical proposal. I agreed to help him, because these kind of special challenges excites me. We agreed on the date soon, but we still had to organize a lot of stuff.

Of course Mani, her girlfriend didn’t know anything. She was only preparing for a Sunrise photography Experience.

So Martin had some extra wishes. Among others he wanted us to get a bouquet of 99 red roses up to the tower, which is in the middle of the forest. 

As we got closer to the date, I got more and more nervous. It wasn’t easy to organise every detail. I had to get the flowers, the helium for the balloons, the cheese for the cheesplate, the champagne. 

And the biggest question was, that how will we manage to carry the huge bouquet up the hill.

So on the day of the event, we woke up very early. It was still dark outside. Two of my friends went to the parking lot, which is at the way to the tower and pumped up the balloons. They had to walk up to the tower before we arrive, that Mani won’t see the suprises.

I went to the hotel to pick up the couple and we also drive to the parking lot, and then walked up to the tower.

At sunrise I flew up with my drone and -as we discussed earlier with Martin- my two assistants went up to the tower and gave the bouquet and the balloons to Mani.

At this point Martin kneeled and asked the big question. 

After the champage and cheese we went to the Castle hill and made some nice engagement photos.

It was a honour that Martin asked us to help him with his big moment. We did our best and I think we did it well! It was an awesome morning!

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