Anna & Artem - Sunrise engagement

This is the story behind Artem’s awsome sunrise engagement!

I started doing a unique Airbnb
experience earlier this year and had many guests over the summer. We saw some
special sunrises and photographed every one of them. But I couldn’t dream that
I would capture this kind of beautiful moments.

So Artem from Russia found me, and he had a
special plan. He wanted to propose to his beloved above the city just when the
sun got out from behind the horizon. Of course I was helping him, because it
seemed to be a nice idea, but I was a bit worried about the weather. Here in
Budapest in December we have a lot of overcast days, and without the shining
sun, the proposal wouldn’t be that nice.

We were constantly in
connection with Artem before the big day. We discussed everything and also
created plans B and C, just in case. He also asked for some extra: a little
bottle of champagne and a piece of gorgonzola to make it more fancy.

On the day before, the weather
forecast said 50% chance for rain, so we agreed that I would check the weather
cameras in the morning and decide if it was a go or a no go. 

When I woke up at 5:30 on
Sunday, the forecast and the cameras showed some chance for a nice sunrise, so
I decided to go. I went to pick them up at the hotel and we drove up to the edge
of the forest. From there we had a 15 minute walk to the tower. As we were
walking I noticed that we had some nice reflections on the clouds, but I didn’t
see much from the trees.

At the top an awsome dawn was
waiting for us and just in a few minutes the sun started to rise. This was the
time for me to go down and set my drone up. The wind was blowing hard and it
was cold, but Artem kneeled down.

The timing was just perfect. 

Anna said yes.

They seemed very happy and for
a couple of minutes they were just hugging on the top of the tower. To make it
more fancy, they had a glass of champagne and a piece of cheese in this lovely
December sunrise.

Later that day we had a little
photoshoot in the castle district and then we parted. I think – just like they
– I will never forget this day.

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